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Gay Perque (Realtor)

As a Realtor for 20 years I met Alan professionally about 16 years ago. He has always been in construction and remodeling homes. I knew when he got his home inspectors license that he would be good at it. I always call Alan to do my clients inspections. He has a way of explaining things to them where they can understand. He also can give them some idea of what most of the repairs would cost.

Kendra Foster (Realtor)

Alan has performed many inspections for my clients over the last several months. He is extremely thorough and efficient. I highly recommend his services for all your inspection needs.

Liz Henzley (Realtor)

Alan does a great job taking care of my buyer clients' home inspections, and gives them a report full of information as well as making them aware of the major issues and what items are not major issues. Alan is always very responsive, and works to fit in requests as much as humanly possible. Highly recommend him!!!

Cari Jo Parham (Realtor)

Alan Cunningham is a go-to Inspector! He has detailed reports and gets them back to you super quick! He answers my clients questions and is very professional.

What customers are saying!

Ryan Diaz

Couldn’t be more impressed or satisfied with this Alan's thoroughness and attention to every little detail. When he says he checks everything, he checks EVERYTHING!

David L Renfro

I appreciate your thoroughness, professionalism and honesty as demonstrated by you during both inspections you did for us. I will definitely keep you in mind if I ever need your services again and will recommend you to anyone I come across who may need your services as well. Thank you again

Francisco Rangel

This is the first time that I have needed an inspector, and I am fortunate that I found Alan at The Home Inspections Company. He was very thorough in performing his duties. Most of all I am impressed that he furnished the inspection report that same evening. I do not know if this is standard operating procedure, but I am still impressed. The home I had him inspect had a steep roof, and he actually went up on it to put that information in the report. I talked with a roofer friend of mine and was informed that most times inspectors only take pictures from the top of a ladder and only look at the roof. My roofer friend was impressed that Alan had done this. Alan has inspected our forever home, but if I were to ever need an inspector, he would be my go to guy, and you should make him your go to guy too.

Crystal Theodoridis

Had a home inspection today with Alan. He had completed the inspection prior to myself and my husband arriving at the home. He spent about an hour going over every single thing with my husband and myself. He was very knowledgeable on home inspections and explained everything very thoroughly. We feel 100% confident with the inspection he provided. Would definitely recommend Alan’s services to anyone buying or selling a home! Thank you Alan!

Horacio Manuel Esteves

Alan Cunningham is the best inspector around! I can speak from first hand experience as he was the inspector on my new construction home. He was very detailed and was on my side to make sure everything was done right!

Amy Winchester

Alan did our inspection today for our new home. He spent hours inspecting and did a very thorough job. Afterwards he took the time to go over everything with us. He is so kind, professional and just was a pleasure working with him. He was referred to me but someone who also trusted his work ethic and knowledge. We are more than pleased for the services he has provided and we will absolutely use him again. Thank you for everything.

Michael Beauchamp

I Have used Allen for several of my rental properties, he always does a very thorough job and covers you on everything! He make me feel very comfortable with buying new properties. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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