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Phase Inspections (Under Construction)

    Inspections should be taken at critical times during the building process. This documentation will give your new construction invaluable peace of mind in knowing that your new home is being constructed in accordance with the International Residential Code (IRC) for One & Two Family Dwellings, local building codes and standards and design specifications. You should never allow quality control to take a back seat to money saving short cuts.

    New construction home inspections are not just about proper usage of building components, but are designed to be informative and educational at the same time. The new home inspection report will identify sizing, spacing, materials used and location of HVAC equipment, panel boxes, water heaters, water lines and plumbing clean-outs. This information is as important as the proper construction of the residence itself.

Phase One

    This critical inspection takes place before the concrete is poured ensuring that the footing is in accordance with the design specifications, (i.e., size and /or dimensions of the support beams, and structural steel content) and that you have proper placement and installation of the post-tension cables (if applicable). This inspection also includes inspecting for proper installation and protection of the water lines and drainage.

Phase Two

    Once the interior and exterior framed walls are complete, the roof sheathing and roofing material are in place, the structure is basically secure from water intrusion, and the rough-in electrical, plumbing, heating & air conditioning equipment are in place, you are ready for your pre dry-wall inspection. 

    We will come back to the property before the drywall is hung and insulation put in to check the interior and exterior framing, wiring, roof, and plumbing to make sure everything matches the plans.

    A detailed new home construction phase report is completed at each phase inspection. The report will include digital pictures of defects found and black & white illustrations of proper installation. No matter where you are, this report can be emailed to you by the next working day.

Final Phase

    The  final phase inspection is similar to the new home inspection. Having your newly constructed home inspected by The Home Inspections Company BEFORE YOU CLOSE, is not only a wise decision, but it can make you a smarter, wiser and more informed negotiator. As a non bias third party we will be looking out for your best interest. While you are looking through your new home and trying to place your furniture, we will be pointing out and reporting items the builder will need to correct before you close. We all know that after you close on your new home, you are no longer on the builder’s priority list and it will be harder to these items corrected.

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